Susan Hemm Zivic has been creating works of art for over thirty-two years.  What started as a love of art and the challenge to succeed in 1975 has prospered into a successful art career.

Born in Westfield, New York, in 1959, the daughter of a highway worker, Susan learned the value of hard work and dedication.  Here art education was limited, so she is largely a self-taught artist.  She has spent countless hours in the field studying her subject matter, which are largely birds, wildlife and Indian artifacts of the Southwest.  Her presentation media has varied from acrylic on sandstone and masonite, to oil and acrylic on canvas, to hand-painted wood carvings.

Over 10.000 paintings later, Susan is creating even more sophisticated and complex images of the Southwest.  Her work is proudly displayed in thousands of homes and businesses around the world.